Diabetes Management Questions and Answers

Diabetes Management Near Me in Charlotte, NC
Diabetes Management Near Me in Charlotte, NC

Living with diabetes is a lot of work! With some chronic conditions, the symptoms come and go, but with diabetes, it is a daily conflict. At Eastway Medical, we understand the difficulty of managing diabetes on an intimate level. Our compassionate and expert doctors can help you manage diabetes so that you don’t have to let this condition hold you back in life!

What are the different types of diabetes?

There are three main types of diabetes, namely, 1) type 1 diabetes, 2) type 2 diabetes, and 3) gestational diabetes. In every kind of diabetes, the main concern is a problem with how the body either produces or uses insulin, which results in an inability of your body to get sugar from your blood into your cells. When your body cannot get sugar from your blood to your cells, high levels of sugar, or glucose, build up in your blood, causing numerous health problems. The main differences between the three different types of diabetes are as follows:

  • Type 1 diabetes: With type 1 diabetes, the body is unable to produce insulin, and consequently, glucose. It is an autoimmune disorder in which your immune system mistakenly perceives the cells that produce insulin in your body as a threat and destroys them. Type 1 diabetes has been referred to as juvenile diabetes because it is frequently diagnosed in young children. However, it can develop in anyone at any age.
  • Type 2 diabetes: The main difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes is that, with the latter, your body has stopped using the insulin your body produces efficiently. As such, it is not an autoimmune condition. In fact, with type 2 diabetes, your body produces more insulin than it can handle. Contributing factors to type 2 diabetes include genetics, obesity, and not enough exercise.
  • Gestational diabetes: Gestational diabetes is a pregnancy-related condition where certain insulin-blocking hormones have developed, causing high blood sugar levels. This condition usually goes away once the baby is born. However, it can put the child at risk of developing diabetes in the future.

How is diabetes treated?

That depends on the type of diabetes being treated! The primary treatment for type 1 diabetes is insulin injections. The damage inflicted upon the pancreas from this condition is permanent. So anyone who has type 1 diabetes requires a constant supply of insulin to survive. Moreover, it is essential for anyone with type 1 diabetes to have a blood sugar monitor and to check your blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Type 2 diabetes usually requires a combination of medication, exercise, and monitoring blood sugar levels. The standard medication for type 2 diabetes is metformin. Depending on the effect that this condition has on the individual, blood pressure and cholesterol medication might be needed as well.

Gestational diabetes is treated by monitoring your blood sugar levels before and after you eat and by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet. In rare cases, a physician may also prescribe insulin injections, if necessary.

What conditions does diabetes put one at risk of developing?

It is a sad fact that diabetes puts your body at risk of numerous diseases and conditions. It is essential to be diligent with treatment and regularly meet with your physician to decrease your risk of developing serious illnesses. Diabetes is known to increase the risk of developing or experiencing a stroke or heart attack, glaucoma, heart disease, foot problems, nerve damage, infections, high blood pressure, and kidney damage. At Eastway Medical Clinic, our doctors will monitor your symptoms closely to help prevent you from acquiring such conditions.

If you have diabetes and are looking for an established clinic with compassionate, friendly, and professional staff to provide diabetes treatment, you should consider Eastway Medical Clinic! You can schedule an appointment online or by phone. We are conveniently located at 1220 Eastway Drive in Charlotte, North Carolina. We serve patients from Charlotte NC, Harrisburg NC, Concord NC, Mint Hill NC, Matthews NC, Belmont NC, Pineville NC, Kannapolis NC, Monroe NC, and Mt Holly NC.