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Urgent Care Near Me In Charlotte, NC
Urgent Care Near Me In Charlotte, NC

It’s more than just a convenience to have an urgent care center in your community. You can go there for any minor emergency, such as a simple ankle sprain or a mild infection, you can rely on the clinic to be open when you need them, and you can go in for walk-in service. There are a number of other health-related matters you can go to urgent care for, and all this makes urgent care invaluable for your community. At Eastway Medical Clinic, we’re proud to be your urgent care center in Charlotte, NC. Come see us today for the kind of immediate care you need.

What can be treated at urgent care? What services are offered at urgent care?

You can go to urgent care for the diagnosis and treatment of any minor, non-life-threatening health condition. For example, here at Eastway Medical Clinic, you can come see us for allergies (including allergy testing and minor allergic reactions), joint pain, fatigue, the flu (in children older than 3 months), high blood pressure, STDs, earaches, athlete’s foot, urinary tract infections, minor sports injuries, and much more. Additionally, with us, you’ll be able to receive care for a chronic condition such as diabetes, arthritis, dementia, asthma, and others.

Urgent care provides more than just common diagnoses and treatments! It can also provide a number of services to aid with the diagnosis and treatment of common and chronic conditions. At our clinic, we provide services like X-rays, lab testing, immunizations, and physical exams (including immigration exams, annual physicals, sports physicals, and more). Anyone of any age can receive our services.

At what point should I go to urgent care? Do I need to have an appointment?

It can be hard to figure out when to go to urgent care, but a good general rule is that unless you’re sure you don’t need medical attention for a minor health condition, just go to urgent care. An appointment isn’t necessary, so they’ll be able to see you right away, and you’ll likely be home in less than an hour! Walk-ins are not a problem for urgent care.

Whenever you or a loved one is experiencing a minor health issue that you believe requires medical attention quickly, you should go to urgent care for treatment. To give you a better idea of when you should go to urgent care, here are a few examples:

  • When you have a cut that is bleeding controllably, but requires stitches
  • After your child suffers a sports injury and you think he or she could have a mild concussion or another milor injury
  • You have any kind of minor injury and believe you need an X-ray
  • Some cold- or flu-like symptoms keep coming back
  • You believe you might have contracted an infection, like an STD
  • Your child needs a last-minute physical exam, such as a sports physical for a new sports team
  • You’re behind in your vaccination schedule and need a shot soon
  • You need a travel shot for a vacation to another continent

Those are just some of many examples of when to go to urgent care. Because urgent care is just so convenient, there’s never any harm in going, and there could be harm in not going!

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