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Men’s Health Clinic Questions and Answers

Men’s Health Clinic Near Me in Charlotte, NC
Men’s Health Clinic Near Me in Charlotte, NC

Why is men’s health important?

Much emphasis is placed on women’s health and its importance. Men’s health can often get put on the back burner while women’s health is put at the forefront of conversations about health, however it is just as important. Prevention and early detection of illness and disease needs to be prioritized for men as research has shown that they are less likely to seek medical care, even when symptoms are present and are also less likely to have a family doctor, as well as active health insurance. Men are more likely than women to engage in unhealthy habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption, and overall tend to lead a less healthy lifestyle than their female counterparts. Many men also skip out on their routine checkups and annual physical exams and put off treatment for potential health problems. The majority of health conditions and diseases that affect men are easily prevented or treated, provided that they are diagnosed early.

What does a men’s clinic help with? 

A men’s clinic provides men with a safe and comfortable place to receive medical care for symptoms of injuries, illnesses, conditions and diseases that affect men. The doctors in a men’s clinic are well-versed in medical conditions that are unique to men, including erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, vasectomy procedures and other issues relating to men’s sexual health. A men’s clinic can also help with mental health issues that affect men, whether related to sexual health issues or as the result of other factors such as depression, stress and anxiety. We can help our male patients with any of their health concerns, in an environment targeted towards men, giving them the space to feel comfortable discussing sensitive and uncomfortable health issues. The doctors are sympathetic and understanding of the awkward feeling many men can feel discussing these types of health concerns and do their best to put patients at ease.

Why should a man see a doctor for mental health? 

Mental health can affect everyone, not just the person suffering from mental health issues, but also their friends and family. Conversations about mental health are becoming more commonplace, however many men may still not be comfortable with talking about their mental health and instead bottle it up. This can cause issues such as problems with alcohol, drug use and anger issues, among other things. Talking to a doctor about your mental health can provide you with strategies for coping with any negative thoughts or destructive behaviours you many be experiencing. While antidepressants are an option, they should be used only as a last resort when alternative therapies don’t work. Antidepressants cause side effects such as sleep issues, weight gain and problems with sexual performance. This can only aggravate the existing issues so treatment using medication should only be used in extreme circumstances. When it comes to severe depression and having suicidal thoughts and feelings, men are more likely than women to succeed at committing suicide due to the violent and final nature of their methods. Where women are more likely to use pills or other gentler methods, men will turn to guns or jumping that have a higher likelihood of success at ending their life.

What diseases are more common in males? 

Men face an increased risk over women for many common medical conditions and diseases, so it is important to understand the signs and see your doctor regularly for early detection. Men are more prone to develop such medical conditions as cancer, heart disease, depression and respiratory diseases.  The reason for this is partially due to a lack of awareness, lack of education on health issues and unhealthy habits within their work and personal lives that can cause a steady deterioration in the overall health and well-being of men in America. Heart disease, stroke and cardiovascular disease can all be caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking. Men are more likely to turn to alcohol, which increases their chances of alcohol related deaths, as well as diseases caused by alcohol such as cancer of the throat, mouth, esophagus, liver and colon, and liver disease. Education and prevention are key for men to decrease their risk of these and many other common diseases that have a higher likelihood of developing in men than women. If you have any questions about Eastway Medical Clinic’s medical and mental health services for men, then reach out to us today through our website. We care about your health and well being and we offer a wide variety of medical services. We serve patients from Charlotte NC, Harrisburg NC, Concord NC, Mint Hill NC, Matthews NC, Belmont NC, Pineville NC, Kannapolis NC, Monroe NC, and Mt Holly NC. Looking forward to serve you!