Immigration Medical Exam Questions and Answers

If you are seeking citizenship in the United States, our professional doctors at Eastway Medical Clinic can provide medical immigration exams in Charlotte, NC to help you in that process! For more information, please call us or request an appointment online

Immigration Medical Exam Near Me in Charlotte, NC
Immigration Medical Exam Near Me in Charlotte, NC

Immigration Exam (USCIS-1693)

Emigration to the United States is a momentous life decision, and one of the United States government’s requirements is an immigration exam. We are a foremost designated immigration exam practitioner.


This exam is an essential requirement, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. When you book an appointment with us, be assured of a seamless immigration exam. On your exam day, come with your travel documents and other medical records.

What Are Immigration Exams

Immigration exams are medical evaluations required by the US federal government, for all candidates seeking permanent residency in the United States. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services division of Homeland Security designates qualified test physicians.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services division of Homeland Security designates qualified test physicians and approves or denies your application. Dr. Okoye is a designated physician for this type of exam.

What do immigration exams check?

Immigration exams comprise a physical evaluation and comprehensive review of your medical history. The requirements vary depending on the nation you’re emigrating from as well as your age and other factors. This official test and review involve the following:.

  • Proof you’ve received all the standard vaccinations required for US resident
  • A review of your past and present physical illnesses, especially communicable diseases
  • A mental health assessment

Can my primary care provider perform immigration exams?

Only physicians certified as Civil Surgeons are authorized to perform immigration exams.

Dr. Sylvia Okoye and Dr. Joseph Okoye are both Civil Surgeons who are qualified to perform the immigration medical exam and complete its corresponding paperwork:
The Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record — Form I-693

How long do immigration exam results take?

The time it takes to receive your immigration exam results depends on your circumstances, with your country of origin and medical history being the main factors. Your doctor must also review your healthcare records and proof of vaccinations.

Possible extra steps for this exam include additional vaccinations, a syphilis exam if you’re aged 15 or older, and a tuberculosis check (chest X-rays or the tuberculin skin test for everyone over the age of two).

Meeting all the medical requirements listed on your immigration application is crucial to successfully process your application promptly. If you and your family are currently in Charlotte, North Carolina, call Eastway Medical Clinic & Urgent Care to receive the required testing and documentation.

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